Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. When you schedule your first visit with Recover Sooner, we will conduct a detailed evaluation and devise a personalized treatment plan. At that time, you can ask any other questions you might have. We will answer your questions honestly – with complete transparency about treatment options and costs.

What services does Recover Sooner offer?

Recover Sooner offers a full range of soft-tissue massage services that are employed on all body parts. Examples include, but are not limited to: sprains, strains, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and chronic over-use conditions. We design a personalized treatment program that is specific to your needs and many patients experience significant results after just a few visits.

Why would I need to see a soft-tissue therapist?

You need a soft-tissue therapist if you are in pain and need immediate relief or if your doctor or physical therapist recommends that you have needs that cannot be satisfied with traditional medicine.

What is “soft-tissue”?

Soft-tissues of the human body include muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs and fascia (the thin sheath of fibrous matter that encloses a muscle or other organ). Soft-tissues are some of the most vulnerable in our physical structure.

What is “scar tissue”?

Scar tissue is soft-tissue that has been compromised in some way. Among other things, causes of soft-tissue damage include poor posture, poor circulation, muscle imbalance and compensating methods to avoid pain. Scar tissue can develop even if a person has never had an injury or wound that requires medical intervention or surgery.

What treatment techniques does Recover Sooner employ?

We use many different techniques. Our signature “pin and stretch” is heralded as a revolutionary intervention that achieves maximum relief in minimum time. It is a component of ART (active release technique), which has proven 90% efficacy in increasing blood flow compromised due to scar tissue and facilitates a return to a pain free state.

How is Recover Sooner therapy different from regular massage therapy?

Recover Sooner is different because it is not passive -- you are active in the treatment. In addition, our techniques are more aggressive than those employed in traditional massage.

How many sessions are necessary to achieve results?

Pain is usually the body’s last symptom – alerting you to a problem that may have existed for a long time before you sought treatment. Because every case is different, we cannot provide a general rule, but our clients often experience immediate relief. At your first session, we will give you a realistic prognosis so you are not surprised with the cost or schedule.

Is there a service location near me?

We serve clients at three convenient locations in Andersonville, Willowbrook and Lombard.

How much does your service cost?

One session costs $150-165. Sometimes, one session is enough. A long-term treatment regimen requires a commitment of at least 10 sessions. In any case, we provide an upfront estimate of the number of sessions and related costs before you make a commitment.

How do you work with medical professionals?

Doctors and other medical professionals often refer patients to us. We work in consort with your primary medical providers to design a regimen that incorporates their prescriptives as well as your personal goals. Ask your doctor or physical therapist to contact us directly if they are not aware of the services we provide.

How do you I pay for your services?

Payment is due at time of service. We accept Visa, American Express, and cash payments.

Do you accept insurance?

We are licensed but not recognized by the insurance industry. You can attempt to make an insurance claim by submitting your paid receipts thru your FSA or Health Savings Accounts, but we cannot guarantee the result.

How can I Recover Sooner?

Call us, use our contact form to describe your condition, or ask your medical professional to refer you.