Learn More About Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.)

Watch this brief video to learn more about A.R.T. and how Recover Sooner can help your organization reduce Worker's Compensation costs and ensure health for your employees.

Corporate Services

If your company wants to implement injury and illness prevention programs and/or reduce Worker’s Comp claims, Recover Sooner can help.

OSHA, the federal agency responsible for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, estimates that corporate injury and illness prevention programs can reduce work-related incidents by as much as 35% and save an aggregate of up to $23 billion in workmen’s compensation claims. These figures do not take into account increased worker productivity and reduction of sick days.

Recover Sooner therapy prevents and alleviates conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, acute and chronic pain, anxiety and stress. We are especially effective with people whose jobs demand repetitive movement, physical fitness and/or superior strength. Typically, just one treatment can result in reduced heart rate; lower blood pressure; reduced pain; relaxed muscle tissue; increased blood circulation, lymph flow and endorphin release; increased alertness and enhanced body awareness. In a corporate setting, our ideal treatment group is 10 people. We bring our own therapy equipment.

Our corporate clients include C-Suite executives, factory workers, tradesmen, freight loaders and office staff. They include Guggenheim Financial Services, and Twist Global. We also work with individuals from the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Fire, major league soccer teams, Cirque du Soleil, Joffrey Ballet and the WNBA.